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Transmission Repair Egg Harbor Twp

Transmission Repair Egg Harbor TwpBefore a solution to your transmission problem can be found, the source of the problem itself must be located. This is why AAMCO performs its Multi-Point Transmission Scan service before conducting a transmission repair.

Our Transmission Scan service will check the quality and level of your vehicle's transmission fluid, transfer case fluid, and differential fluid.

The Transmission Scan service also includes a road test that evaluates your car's performance in the following areas: shift quality, shift timing, TCC engagement, neutral, reverse, vibrations, noises, each drive range, initial engagements, passing gear, park-hold, and 4x4 performance.

Further, this service includes an inspection under the vehicle to look for causes of transmission problems that are external to the transmission. This inspection will examine the harness connections, ground connections, vacuum connections, shift linkage/cable, TV/detent cable/linkage, engine performance, engine idle, wire condition, pan gasket, fluids, mounts, final drive, U-joints, and CV-joints. Lastly, this service includes a computer scan for trouble codes.

After this diagnosis, an AAMCO technician will most likely be able to confidently tell you what's wrong with your vehicle's transmission. Still, there are times when a diagnosis does not reveal the cause of the problem. If this is the case, we will continue to run more diagnostics on your car rather than recommending a transmission rebuild.

Computer and Internal Diagnostics:
AAMCO technicians are trained to use an advanced computer diagnostics system to uncover which parts of your transmission need fixing. Many of today's cars can appear to have transmission problems, when what they're actually experiencing is a computer problem. When this happens, the vehicle's onboard computer is giving the transmission the wrong signals, and causing it to malfunction.

To identify the potential causes of your transmission problems, AAMCO of Egg Harbor Township offers the Computer Diagnostic Service. With this service, an AAMCO technician will use a computer system scanner to download the trouble codes in your vehicle's on-board computer system. We review our findings against our AAMCO technical database—the most comprehensive computer database of its kind. Lastly, we connect AAMCO's Kwiktest PlusBox to pinpoint the location of the problem, whether it's inside or outside of the transmission.

Your AAMCO technician will check the wiring, solenoids, sensors, and electronics in your car to make sure that everything's working well.

After this diagnostic service, your AAMCO-certified diagnostician will be able to make a recommendation for the right repair service. Our diagnostic approach sets us apart from other car repair shops, and it's what ensures that you get the repair you need to get back on the road in no time.

For nearly five decades, AAMCO Transmissions and Car Care Centers have gained a reputation as being the most trusted experts in transmission maintenance, diagnosis, and repair. After conducting our Transmission Scan diagnosis, we find that more than half of the cars that visit our shop only need a minor repair service. Call AAMCO first, rather than another car repair shop, and you can be sure that we will not offer you a transmission repair or replacement service you don't need.

If your transmission does need a repair, AAMCO of Egg Harbor Township will install a high-quality transmission replacement and include a standard nationwide warranty—the strongest warranty in the car repair business. You can even upgrade to the lifetime warranty to extend your coverage even further.

Fixing your transmission starts with the right diagnosis. That's why we perform our exclusive Multi-Point Transmission Scan service on every car before doing a transmission repair.

We have the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to find the exact cause of your transmission problems. More than half of the time, we find that a transmission only needs a small repair. It's this honesty that has given AAMCO a name for being the most trusted transmission repair shop for almost half a century.

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